Monday, April 28, 2008

It's A Date!

I love my breakfast dates with Paulius.
We usually do it on Sunday mornings, but this week it got delayed until today.
Paulius and I catch up on our breakfast dates. We tell each other stories about growing up.
We solve our problems if any crop up during the week.
We sit and eat and talk and linger over our coffee- in no hurry to start our day-content to just enjoy each others company before life intrudes and demands our attention elsewhere.
We have time to focus on US, on the things we WANT to enjoy and share- not the things that insist together we make decisions on NOW-AT THIS MOMENT.
It's good to be able to do that- to just enjoy each other and life's peaceful moments.
I think that's where a lot of couples go wrong...they let life's routines and problems take over from the second they open their eyes in the morning til the time they close them to go to sleep at night and don't make time to enjoy and remember the "couple" they once were.
Paulius and I have endured too much and come too far to take each other for granted like that.

Not in THIS lifetime.


marie said...

You know are absolutly right! And its soooo good that ya'll still do that. i'm one of those people who wake straight up and start worrying over things. We get so few peaceful moments as it is. Frank sometimes has to sit me down and make me quit whatever it is Im doing.Just to sit with him and watch a movie or whatever. Id hate for something to happen and then Id regret that I couldnt take those few moments to spend with him. I'll try to more often.

OzzyC said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I'm all about the romantic dates. Hubbs decided to take me out to brunch at a nice sky-lit terrace restaurant on Sunday morning. It was very sweet.

We usually make it a point to have a date once a week, even if it's just having Starbucks together and enjoying some good conversation.

I'm glad you are a dater as well ;)