Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Which You Want First??The Good News...Or The Bad News ???

First the GOOD news.........
This is a pic of My neices, Tasha(who is leaning on the bed and who I TOTALLY stole the pic from on her MySpace) and her sister Nancy-Ann (the mommy) with The Twins- a Baby Boy AND a Baby Girl who were born yesterday morning-The 29th of April!!!!!

Baby Boy-
Matthew Scott
21 inches long
7 lbs-12 oz
Born at 8:34 AM

Baby Girl-
Madison Darlene
19 inches long
7 lbs-2 oz
Born at 8:36 AM

They are ADORABLE and honestly the ONLY twins I know who have been carried to FULL TERM!!!

Congrats Nancy-Ann and Matthew!!

Well, Damn..............Now for the BAD news.

Yesterday I once AGAIN I had to go to the hospital for severe pain in the abdomen.
I went to the hospital to be with my sister while her twin grand babies were being delivered by C-section(who are ADORABLE BTW and healthy as a horse!!! More on them in a second.....)
And after it was over I came home and went to bed about noon.
Around two-fifteen I was jolted awake by a HORRIBLE stabbing pain in my lower tummy. So I got up and made my way into the living room where I took a pain pill and waited an hour before calling my mom crying and asked her to come take me to the emergency room....again.
Luckily, she was at the very hospital I was wanting to go to(about 10 minutes from my house) and she arrived in minutes and loaded me up and took me to the ER. My daughter was also at the hospital visiting the babies, and she met us at the ER. So they got me in there pretty quickly,especially after taking my vitals and my Blood Pressure being sky-high. I waited just a few minutes and the doctor was in there, asked a few questions, poked and prodded at my tummy and ribs and told me he thought my ovarian cyst had probably ruptured. He said the pain was being caused by the excess blood in my tummy area and that if it was indeed the ruptured cyst, it would clear up on it's own in a day or two. He said he COULD do another 1600 dollar test to make sure that's what it was but he didn't see a need for that unless the pain continued. So he ordered an injection of some REALLY good pain meds and an injection of some REALLY good nausea meds and after waiting a couple of hours to make sure my B/P was back to near normal, sent me home with instructions to see my doc in a day or two for a follow-up or if the pain came back/persisted. So my daughter drove me home and literally helped me in the house and on the sofa where I slept from 8PM til 8AM and then I moved to the bed where I slept until noon.
Yep- 16 hours I slept.
Today I feel MUCH better tho I am still tender in my tummy.
Tomorrow Paulius and I have Diabetic Education Class all day. THAT should be fun......


Saffyre said...

Damn girl, you just cant seem to catch a break!

Sunny said...

Nope- can't catch a break for spit.

On the UPSIDE- I think you just gave me the name for my biography.