Monday, April 14, 2008

Awesome Weekend!

Well, it was an awesome weekend for me. I got a lot of rest- and had a lot of fun too.
Friday I didn't do much of anything but lie around and rest- Being a good little patient like I'm supposed to. Saturday I got to babysit Lil' CJ for a few hours- he's such a little doll and when his mama came in to pick him up we were BOTH napping on the sofa. I'll give a detailed account later but for now this short-short will have to do.
Then yesterday I had all the kids and grand kids over for a cookout and altho we still had one or two loved ones missing it was a WONDERFUL day for us all.
All the kids were having a blast and the grown-ups as well.
We ate, we talked, we did some shooting, we toasted some marshmallows, we told some tales, and we loved every second.

I ran out of steam pretty early on- but I just sat around listening and smiling a lot.

Paul and my kids all made sure I didn't over-do and I had a lovely time with ALL my loved ones.

Today I got a call from the hospital and they have set me up with an appointment with the diabetic educator for Thursday to get some MUCH needed insight into this stupid disease i have. They are giving me a Glucometer too so i have to start taking my blood sugar every day- tow or three times a day for a month or so to see when my blood sugar levels off and when it rises or falls to dangerous levels. That will determine if and when I'll need meds other than my diet and exercise program later on.

Well, I'm needing a napp-ee-pooh so I'm off to have a couple hours sleep.

Julie might not be posting on HER blog so much for the next couple of months- she got her wish and is now enrolled and going to class for CNA- and possibly even more nurses education if it works out for her.
All the luck in the world to her and her endeavors in her future education and work efforts.
She deserves the BEST that life has to offer in everything!

And a VERY special thanks to Paulius for being such a wonderful husband, and for all my family and friends who have been doing everything in their power to help us out during my illness and recuperation.
Much Love to You ALL!


Lois said...

I'm happy to hear that you had a great weekend, Sunny. You deserved it!!!

I wish Julie well with her schooling. It's about time things turned around for your baby girl.

Hugs to all!

Julie said...

Yes we had a great time this past weekend. I just wish we could do it at least once a month. Maybe we can discuss that b/t us later. I had the time of my life seeing us all together again. It really helps me out to have family around during bad times. Thank you very much for this past weekend it was the way just for the record-I am still posting on my blog- just maybe not as