Monday, April 21, 2008


This is My VERY Handsome, VERY Smart, Very FIRST Grandson,TJ, who is the Apple of my eye.
He is Julies Oldest son and such a smart sweet funny hardworking young man who is just destined for GREAT things in life....I just KNOW it!!

He's going to make all A's and be President of the USA one day.....or maybe an astronaut, or a doctor, or a policeman or just anything he wants to be.

He can DO it!!!!!
I love you TJ!!!!


Julie said...

Nanny- TJ said thankyou and he loves you too. He also wants to know if you have a pic of a monster truck??? Christopher said he wants to see a pic of him of attention...just like you!!!! lol..

we love you nanny.

Sunny said...

You're very welcome TJ sweetheart.

Hope you like your OTHER pic I posted for you.

That's about as BIG as trucks get huh???

And Christopher- Theres a VIDEO of YOU on there too.

Thank you Mama for writing their comments to me.

Love Y'all a Million Bazillion. XXX-OOO