Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trial Run.....

Well, I went for a ride with my mom today.
We loaded up our trash to take to the recycling center since it hasn't been done for the past three weeks while I was sick. I thought, well, we'll be gone an hour or so- it'll be a good test to see how well I'll hold up tomorrow night at work.

We went to the recycle center and one of the guys unloaded the stuff for us. That took about 30 minutes.
Then my moms blood sugar started dropping so she had to stop for a bite to eat. Of course she insisted I eat as well, and even tho I wasn't really in the mood to eat much, I ate a very small bowl of beans and an equal one of applesauce with a glass of water. That took about 35 minutes.

Then when we got back to the house, she decided to stop at HER house and show me a couple of her treasures she had gotten since I saw her last and that took about 10 minutes. Add another 20 minutes complete drive time and that was what......about......an hour and a half or so I was gone altogether.

By the time I go back home to say my butt was dragging is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
To be honest I'm not sure HOW I'm gonna make it this week at work altho I only work on Wednesday night and Thursday night. I can guarantee there will be a LOT of sitting down in between my rounds- and probably DURING as well and it's a REALLY good thing I'm not on a TIGHT schedule at my job.

Okay, I'm off to rest now.
Later Y'all.


Julie said...

Hey Mama. I feel your pain, I know how mom can get sometimes. Just tell her ass you have to go cause you aren't feeling good. Use her excuses. Play her games. LOL!!! Hope you can make it htrough the 2 days you have to work. Good luck with that. Dont over do it!!! I love you very much.

OzzyC said...

My mom called me twice yesterday, spending about 45 minutes on the phone with me.

Julie said...

hey mama, Im gonna tag you this time! When are you gonna blog again? I blogged before you did. HA!HA!