Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lucy In The Sky...............

I don't know what's up with me.
I don't know if it's some of the medications I'm on now, or whether it was the near-death experience I had, but I see some really weird stuff when I close my eyes now.

Seriously, you know how you can close your eyes and when things come into focus behind your eyelids it's made up of all these little black and white bulls-eye dots and circles? Well, mine do anyway....or they USED to.

Now when I close my eyes I get a laser light show with vivid bright colors like Neon Red, Electric Blue, Lime Green, Hot Orange and Glittery Gold. And not plain old dots either....I see things like diagonal streaks of these colors, or swirling mists of them. Sometimes it's a black background and there are the colors making those little nucleus star patterns or a lightning storm of them dancing across my field of vision. And sometimes it's star-bursts like you see in the sky at the big 4th of July celebrations. It puts Star Wars Laser Saber Fights to shame, I tell you.

Sometimes it makes falling asleep easier- sometimes it makes sleep downright impossible.
Odd, that.


Saffyre said...

Well, erm i'm not sure what to say to that other than, enjoy it while it lasts, maybe?


Sunny said...

Well, That was my first thought as well, but then I thought.....maybe this is just I blogged about it.


OzzyC said...

oooohh... I want some of that!

Sunny said...

Tell me about it- I'm HIGHLY entertained nowadays and don't mind in the LEAST "resting" my eyes for a bit!