Sunday, October 02, 2005


I started training for my job at the new site last Wednesday.
I go it on my own tonight.

It is absolutely Fantastic!

I only have to deal with other people for about an hour a day!!

No million phone calls every other officers to deal with and have to plan for- no angry people who have issues with badges not working no worrying that the officer before me has given me incorrect information, therefore spending my first hour of my shift going over every bit of paperwork to insure my information in correct.........

I think I am going to be so happy there.

1 parking lot to patrol for an hour every morning while it's dark
1 electrical room to check and sign off on
1 boiler room to check and sign off on
Three phone calls to make
Four buildings to patrol
8 mechanical rooms to check and sign off on
and 19 flights of steps to climb up and down (I see being in a size 12 by Christmas)

Who could ask for more than that?

I might be there until I retire.
(Or until we win the lottery)

Is this job as close to Job-Paradise as I am going to get? Or is it a wolf in sheeps clothing?



OzzyC said...

Sounds like you're a little more introverted than I initially suspected... especially that "no people to deal with" part. People distract from accomplishing my tasks and finishing my projects, but I'd go nuts without at least some interaction.

Lois said...

Sunny has all the interaction she needs ... right inside her own head! Introverted? ROTFLMAO! Sunny is many things, but introverted is not one of them ... er ... um ... frail flower that she is, of course.

Sunny said...

LOL- I should have been a Gemini- I have two (at least) distinct personalities.

More on that next post!!