Sunday, October 30, 2005

The EVIL Darth Furball Strikes Again !!!!

Our CAT is now going thru Kitty Puberty. Evidently, he has decided to become a Satan-worshiping Goth version of a teenager.

He has become evil incarnate the past month. I am ready to cut his evil tail off- right behind his ears. Paulius is a bit more easy-going than I am, he only wants to send Darth to Kitty Azkaban.

Whatever works and gets him past this stage is fine with me.

Examples of his evil habits now include:
*Climbing over EVERY surface of the entire house
*Scattering his litter from his box to every surface of the house
*Sleeping in his litter box
*Ignoring his kitty food and actually trying to steal food from our plates while WE are eating
*Using his litter that he has scattered all over the bathroom floor for the purpose it was intended(mind you, we have a carpeted bathroom floor as well)
*Gathering all the stuffed animals up from all over the house and imitating the Marquise De Sade with a select one or two- (the others just are forced to watch )
*Pouncing on our legs as we walk from room to room, tripping us up at every opportunity
*Refusing to actually catch mice but insisting on having them when we catch them in a trap. He then proceeds to play circus with them(juggling them from room to room) til we can steal them back from him and dispose of them properly
*Tearing up the trash bag to get to whatever he imagines is in there
*Tipping over the trash container if he can't tear the trash bag sufficiently
*Climbing on our chests and pawing our faces(YUK- remember WHERE those nasty paws have been lately?)
*Spazzing and racing thru the entire house at top speed - literally bouncing off of and/or climbing the walls.

I want to ask myself- where did we go WRONG?

How could we have been better masters?

I tell you the answer- we couldn't have been better. Nor did we go wrong.
We were perfect to him.
We fed him
We bathed him
We cuddled him and bought him toys
We even let him sleep on the foot of our bed at night.
We even let him drink water from the aquarium-just the way he likes it- ice cold and fish-flavored

All I have to say is-
Either he straightens out soon- or he's dis-inherited.

AND I'll go get a PUPPY!! Maybe even TWO!!!!!!!!!!

And don't think I'm kidding- because I'm NOT!!!!!


Lisa said...

It sounds like he is the demon spawn of my demon cat...

My kids don't give me gray hair, the dang cat does...

I feel your pain!!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Suny you should have a dog they are stupid and will sit and love you no matter what. Cats just tick me off with there independance. NOT A cat fan.

Had 2 cats once...then we got a dog.

Pete said...

Have to go with Sharon on this one. I'll take a dog over a cat anyday. Actually, kitties are cute, but then they grow up to be cats. :)

MC Etcher said...

Aww! When you don't have a cat, those things sound cute.

How do you discipline a cat, anyway? Dogs seem easy by comparison.