Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Scratch & Sniff?

Just think about how much more interesting TV would be if there was smell-a-vision.

Scents emitted from the TV when commercials come on.

Just think....Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza-
Olive Gardens Shrimp Alfredo
Nestles Toll House Cookies

Febreeze Fabric Freshener
Downy Fabric Softener
Tide Mountain Fresh scent laundry detergent

White Diamonds perfume
Summers Eve- New scent!!

It would up sales by hundreds of millions- Especially on party night when everyone has the munchies and is sitting around just chilling, watching the idiot box!!!

On the other hand....there would be the comercials for things like Tidy Cat kitty litter-Ewwww.
But after that smell would come the freshscent of Tidy Cat kitty litter and it would make you go- It really DOES work!

Or how about Odor Eaters? Now THERE would be a real seller!!
It might even put an end to the false advertising for the products that DON'T work.

Just think guys- you could actually CATCH A SCENT OF that Morgan Webb girl who co-hosts with Adam Sessler.

And we females could catch a scent of that Diet Coke Guy.

I'm not sure I could ever watch CSI again tho....decomposing bodies smell might not work for me.

The electronic version of a scratch and sniff page in mags- would it really work?


Vicarious Living said...

As long as there was an off button. Some sort of Scent Mute would be mandatory.

mmm - pheromones

The Girl said...

Ah, a scent button for Emeril's cooking! Now that would be awesome!

~The Girl

MC Etcher said...

It would be impossible to resist food commercials if there was smell-o vision.

I swear I can smell the food as it is, when the commercials come on.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Ummmm NOt a good idea for those of us who are trying to watch our weight. I swear if I had to smell all those commericals for food. I'd 500 lbs +.

No restriant when it comes to food.

Although I would love to smell the fabric soften. NOw if they could just make food not smell good I'd be laughin'


serendipity said...

With all the Christmas food commercials coming up? I'd end up so big it'd take a crane to get me out the door! Ok slight exaggeration but I don't need an excuse to eat chocolate or Pizza...and the smell of it would have me reaching for the phone to get some takeaway..or headed to the kitchen to make brownies

Paulius said...

While I, and most other straight males, would enjoy being able to 'get a sniff' or Morgan Webb...smell-o-vision on a geek network?

Lady presenters : Good.
That 'new computer' smell : Good.
Unwashed computer nerds : Bad.