Sunday, October 23, 2005


Today , I have been informed, is a RED letter day.

I can't remember the last time I got so excited about something.

Oh- yes, I can- it was when I saw Paulius at the airport in Atlanta when he came back after us being separated for over two years.

I was actually giddy with excitement. I was nervous, and happy, and had butterflies the size of vultures in my tummy- I couldn't sit still- was pacing and almost jumping for joy-now I know what THAT phrase means.

Well, that's EXACTLY how excited my hubby was today when the broadband was finally installed and connected. I swear- I was afraid he was gonna pee himself he was so happy!

Paulius and I were talking about that yesterday. He compared his computer stuff and gaming to shoe buying. I told him that I wasn't into shoe shopping, but if he replaced it with anything Christmas- I understood totally.

His games are my ornaments. His broadband is my gifts under the tree. His computer is my Christmas tree.

I get it now.

I just wish I could have that type excitement every day.


Silver Creek Mom said...

WOWO broadband...welocme to my world! LOL! I've had it since July and I love love love it. Jack work installed it so he could work from home but the side benifit is I get to use it and the PHONE at the same time.

Being in the countryt he only way to use the net. NO cable out here.

Congrats and I love being that excited too.

MC Etcher said...

Yeah, for geeks like us, broadband is like getting a new set of metric automotive tools would be for your average car junkie!

And hey, if they're nice to us, the girls might even get to use it too! :o) Joking!!

Sunny said...

Don't you mean if the girls are nice, they might let YOU GUYS use it?


WOMEN RULE THE WORLD- and if you say we don't, I only have one thing to say....


Ha! Ha!
I WIN!!!!