Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am SOOOO Sick of it- WHEN does it ever END????

I heard the damndest thing on the radio coming home today from work.

A couple of banks in Britain are banning giving out piggy banks for savings for kids because- get this- it MIGHT offend Muslims. Not WILL- or DOES- but it MIGHT.

I swear- WHY do we have to be so damn PC all the time now?

I am sick to the eye teeth of it.

Let me tell you all what I refuse to do.
I refuse to be PC anymore.

I will not give up my piggy bank and I will give every baby born into the family one to save their pennies.

I will not give up birth-control(not that it's a factor right now) because I might offend a Catholic if I forget to take it at home and have to bring it out in a public place when I remember.

I will not give up my Christmas tree because it might offend a Jewish person who lives down the street if it's lit up when they pass by, neither will I give up my menorah because it might offend the Christians if they see it in my window during Hanukkah.

I will not give up going to church on Saturday because it might offend the Christians down the street who believe the Sabbath is on Sunday- Also, I will not give up going to church on Sunday because it might offend the Seventh Day Adventists who believe the Sabbath is on Saturday.

I will not give up wearing pants or jeans because there are people out there who believe that women shouldn't wear them and might be offended.

I will not give up eating meat just because the vegetarians might be offended.

I will not give up eating McDonalds burgers because the Hindu's might be offended.

I will not give up vegetables just because the Cannibals in the deepest darkest jungles might be offended.

I will not give up eating Chocolate just because there are diabetics who might take offense.

I will not stop smoking just because there are non-smokers who might be offended, neither will I smoke just because there might be some smokers who might be offended if I don't join them.

I refuse to give up my foreign car that is really good on fuel consumption just because there are some American auto-makers who might be offended.

I will not learn a second language just because someone from another country might be offended that I don't speak theirs. Hell, if I learned all the languages of all the people that don't know English but live in my area- I would spend all the rest of my time in life learning 87 more languages than I know now.
I don't think so- after all-

Why do we have to ban or stop all these things just because they might offend someone else?

It's so freaking stupid. If I could get broadband-(or electricity, for that matter)-on a deserted island somewhere I would move there and tell everyone to KISS MY POLITICALLY INCORRECT ASS!!


Paulius said...


Agree ten million percent, sweetie. After all, are they trying to feed the piggy banks to the Muslim population?

The other one is that the British Armed Police, when raiding terror suspect's homes, have to take their shoes off before entering their homes.

I'm sure that'll make them feel better. I mean, a 3am raid, battering ram through the door is bad enough, but not taking off their shoes?

The funniest thing is, the minorities don't give a damn about that stuff.

It's the middle aged, middle class white folks who do it.

The Girl said...

Okay, I'm officially cracking up. That is exactly how I feel! Everyone needs to get over themselves and accept each person's individuality. Instead, we are offended.

As we say in my family - WHATEVER!


MC Etcher said...

If we were talking about actual living and breathing pigs or their flesh, perhaps.

But a plastic or ceramic toy? Come on!

Lisa said...


(oops, does saying "amen" offend anyone?)


Love this post! I agree completely. The line about offending cannibals sent me in to a fit of giggles.

Silver Creek Mom said...


Living inthe most politically correct country (so I'm told) in the world I get alittle tired of trying not hurt people feelings. What about MINE! No gives a damn that my family has been in Canada for centuries (We were Loyalists AHEM don't hate) ;)

But I can't even have Christmas hymns or songs sung in my kids school of(Elementay of 160 kids) becasue of the 1 or 3 kids that are not Christan. WTF?

Standing up and buying a PIggy bank tomorrow...I love PORK!

MC Etcher said...

I was thinking about this today - it's a good thing to be mindful of offending people, but the eye-rolling begins when you publicly describe WHY you're no longer giving out piggy banks.

When you turn it into a press release, it sounds asinine.

Just transition to coin-saving toys shaped like robots, and don't say why.

KayseaLove said...

Great Post!!! YEAH! In your face you offended babies. Embrace diversity.