Sunday, October 02, 2005

Show Me The Money!!!!!!!!!!!

If you won the lottery-

Would you still work- or would you not work and live a life of luxury?

I would quit my job. No doubt about it. Someone suggested that they would buy the company we work for now and then fire all the higher-ups and dissolve the company....I said that was a total waste of money- why give them the satisfaction of getting paid for a company they don't wanna keep in existence? If that's the plan, why not buy it- fire the higher-ups- implement better ideas and give the employees better pay and benefits and make the company a bigger success than when the others were running it and laugh your way to the bank-thus making them the monkeys they think them to be?
I like what I do- but I have dreams of other things. Fun things not having to do with what I do now.

I actually have a couple of things in mind for that day.......(I spend a LOT of time daydreaming about this).

First and foremost- I would have a small shoppe built to my specifications, and I would sell Christmas Merchandise.
My husband can attest to this- I am GOOD at Christmas. Before Paulius got here, for the past few years I would decorate several businesses and homes for the holidays. And it's rather good pay. But it takes lots of time.....something I haven't had a lot of lately to spare. Having disposable income would be a blessing in more than one way.

Secondly- I would buy some land - have it landscaped, and have a building built to my specs in the middle of the land. And then I would plan parties. When Paulius and I were looking for a place to get married, we noticed a HUGE deficiency in beautiful places to have a wedding. I have plans actually drawn up for this venture as well.

Of course, in order to WIN the lottery I suppose I have to find the time to stop and actually BUY a lottery ticket or two.



MC Etcher said...

I always forget to buy lottery tickets, unless someone at work is doing a group thing.

And it seems like the lottery ticket vending machines at the grocery store are always broken.

OzzyC said...

If I won (and I can't, cuz I don't play) I'd quit my job, go to college just for the fun of it, travel, and do some work here and there. In other words, I'd still be very productive, but it wouldn't be anything close to how I'm living now.

Sunny said...

mc etcher- I forget too, I usually remember either as I'm pulling away from the store- or the day AFTER I run out of cash.

Ozzy-I used to not play either- I thought it was money down the drain- but then I realised that I could buy a chance for a dollar- and NOT buy a cola for a dollar 19 cents. Not only saving 19 cents but not putting those calories and chemicals in my body either.
Don't think I'm a health nut- I still drink at least three colas a week- but one less is SOMETHING!!!