Saturday, October 15, 2005

Party Girl......NOT

My daughter had a little party at her house last night.

Paulius and I went up and joined them. We had a rip-roaring bonfire going and the music was pumping- and Mike- her fiance- grilled burgers and brats..... it was GREAT.

We also did quite a bit of drinking.
We only had vodka and rum and Kahlua and we mixed it with tea(YUK)- OJ - and milk .

I drank 4 drinks- ( equal to about 8 if you bought them at a club). I haven't been out anywhere doing any drinking in about a year now-I've been taking care of other things- helping the parents with things, and working insane hours at work til I transferred to the new site.

It was so nice to have time off and be able to relax.

I don't know it is me getting older- or if it's just that I have been on the go for months now with no time off-so to speak- or if it was because I had only had 45 minutes nap for two days before the party- but I was literally falling asleep on my feet by 10:30 pm. (We had started partying at about 6 that evening.) One thing about when I party- I have to be DOING something- like dancing in order to not start getting TOO mellowed out. Unfortuately,We weren't dancing.

I held out til about 10:45 and then told everyone I was going to go home(about 150 yards away from my daughters house) and I was going to nap an hour or so and I would be back.

Didn't happen. I went in, laid down on the bed- and woke up at 5AM when Paulius came to bed.
He had stayed up there when I came home. I didn't mind- he hardly ever goes out and does anything without me.

I woke up this morning and got up around 10:00AM feeling symptoms of hangover least THAT hasn't changed!

I used to be able to go out clubbing, close the joint down, do breakfast afterwards and then grab a swimsuit and head off to the lake for a day of boating and partying there! Hell- we'd make a weekend of it, most times.

What is up with me these days?

I don't wanna be a TOTAL party animal- but I don't wanna turn into my parents either- never going out , always in bed by 9PM, saving and scrimping -watching every penny all the time.....I wanna LIVE life- not just observe it from a safe distance.

Does our lifestyle have to be an either/or proposition?

I don't think so- I think there is a happy medium. But I suppose it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice to have either/or.......


OzzyC said...

I kind of felt like a young-un this weekend. I stayed up past midnight on both Friday AND Saturday.

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH sunny...You have to work up to it slowly and pace your drinking,,,It does me in every time. Well When I get the chance. LOL!

marve said...

Im only 31 and my wife is 29 and we hate going clubbing.

A perfect weekend would just be dinner with friends and coffee afterwards.

Maybe were just a boring couple :)