Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Would It Matter?

BIG brew-Ha-ha in the news.

Gay man in Australia wants to donate blood- the gift of life.
Answers truthfully about having had gay sex.
Is told he cannot donate.

And WHY the hell NOT??

All blood donations are tested.
They don't tell women who have had sex with men they can't donate. How do they know that some guy SHE had sex with isn't bi-sexual and she hasn't contracted a STD or AIDS?

That's right... they don't.
But they TEST the blood and so they can accept HER blood donation.
I don't see a difference between it being a male issue or a female issue. We all have sex- so why is one treated differently than the other?
What I DO see is clearly discrimination because of sexual preference.

I know the argument that gay men are more likely to be at risk for sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS- BUT-if the donation centers trust their testing system-and expect US to trust their testing system- why the big deal?

And if your loved one were dying- and needed the transfusion- would it matter to you where it came from if it saved their life? Or how about putting yourself in that situation......would it matter to you if it were YOUR life being saved by a gay mans blood donation?

That's why it's called the gift of LIFE.

You could say- "Why worry about it? That's happening in Australia."......Well, the thing is- It's the AMERICAN RED CROSS. And it's going to be implemented here if it hasn't already been.

That's why.

I normally don't rant on here- but some things just REALLY PISS ME OFF!
It's just WRONG.





MC Etcher said...

Ugh. I guess it's just my way of being an ignorant American, but I always assumed that the rest of the world was more open-minded about alternative lifestyles.

And, you know - rational thinking.

Lois said...

You GO, Girl! Equality all the way. If only the world was more accepting of all people because ... we are ALL human beings!

Stepping down from your soapbox now.

Paulius said...

Duh, I know the reason,

Gay bloody might give you 'gay'. I know, I heard from a guy down the pub that his friend had some gay blood, and was dancing to 'It's raining men' just 15 minutes later.

Oh, and yes, I am being sarcastic