Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Calling All Iron Chefs!!!

Hey all you guys.

I don't know WHAT was up with the last post.

All I have to say in my defense is PMS.
Whether its PRE- or POST is your guess.

Anyway- I have a survey type question for you this time....

I know every one of us has at LEAST one dish we can make that gets RAVE reviews from the peeps-(apologies to the word purists out in blogland)-who are lucky enough to get to taste them.

So my question is-
What is YOUR specialty Dish?

(and be WARNED- I might ask for the recipe so if it's a family secret recipe-PLEASE-tell me beforehand.)

I have about a dozen that I make- but the top ones are-

Southern Buttermilk Pound Cake
Chocolate Oatmeal Drop Cookies
Made-From-Scratch Yeast Dinner Rolls
Cherry Yum-Yum
BBQ Ribs

I can't wait to hear yours!


Paulius said...

Ummm, my speciality is Cap'n Crunch.

Nah, not really, my speciality is biscuit crust chicken and mushroom pie. Either that or Bacon wrapped chicken fillet with garlic and herb cheese filling.

I also make a mean curry and spag bol.

(recipes on request)

Sunny said...

Owww- and don't forget your shepards pie!!!

Vicarious Living said...

I fully expect copies of all recipes mentioned, btw! (well, maybe not the mushroom pie)

Tallerina (fancy predecessor of Hamburger Helper really, but don't tell Grandma that)
Enchiladas (whiney kid approved version)

Paulius said...

And what is wrong with my chicken and mushroom pie?!?

Sunny said...

LOL- His pie is delish- only as my daughter pointed out- "Some people don't like eating fungus."

There's a picture for you!

OzzyC said...

I'm the main cook in the house, but I've got a couple of personal favorites.

Kitchen sink potato salad (no specific recipe, a little of everything in it).

Pot roast.

mindflame said...

I make a mean crawfish bisque and some nice buttermilk rolls.

marve said...

my specialty is corned beef straight out of the can!!!

Sunny said...

Sometimes ANYTHING straight out of the can is the best ever...My canned fav is Hot chili beans and cheap mac and cheese- all mixed together!!


MC Etcher said...

I still want to post my specialty dish recipe, but it's on the computer at home... Must remember to post it!