Saturday, October 29, 2005

Well, In THAT Case............

Here it is- my weekend off. I still haven't quite gotten used to having TWO (tee-hee) days off.

I have a list about a mile long of things I need to do- and a couple of things I WANNA do.

So which do I do?

A few I NEED to do-

Sort out closets in master bedroom
Re-organize boxes we have packed in hallway
Wash dishes-again
Clean up and clean OUT car


Go fishing
Sit my butt and watch movies and snuggle with my Paulius all day.

Ahhhhh....... Well, never mind. Paulius has just informed me of his game plan for this weekend and it sounds WAY more wonderful than what I had in mind.

No Details, folks- but it involves viewing, extreme concentration, and patience.

Gotta run now....Have a GREAT weekend!!


MC Etcher said...


Pete said...

I almost NEVER end up doing what I "want" to, because the "need" to list often seems endless. Ultimately it just becomes a matter of prioritizing what "needs" to get done more. Which is difficult enough!

Of course, fishing is definitely right up there on the "need" to list though! :)

Sunny said...

I went fishing today as well- so far didn't get a THING on the need list done yet- theres always tommorrow-right?

Anyway- got a few bites. Mosquitoes that is-.....
Wondering if when we had the hard rains and the pond overflowed the dam- maybe most of the fish got washed away as well?

Haven't had much luck since then.

Sigh...... I gotta get a liscense so I can go somewhere else too!!

Fishing is a definate need too- I have it in my blood. Hunting too.

Vicarious Living said...

Good thing that have-to-do-list never goes anywhere. The wanna-do-list is much more persuasive.
(for instance, need to do paperwork, but wanna comment on blogs - I'm sure the boss will understand)

Lisa said...

I'm an excellent list maker.

I suck at following my lists, but damn if I don't make good ones!