Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What The HELL Were Those Women Thinking?

I swear, if I could get my hands on them they would PAY.

Damn bra-burners.

Equal rights for women, my ass.

All those moronic witches did was get us women having to do the same job as men for less money, in most cases.

Nowdays, we don't GET to stay home and clean house and cook and look after the kids......NOoooooooooo NOW we get to do all that AS WELL AS hold down a full time job.
And face it ladies- unless you got VERY lucky(which I DID) the "Man" of the house doesn't do much more than take out the garbage and usually you have to nag the crap out of them to do that because we're EQUAL now.

I say it's all a load of HORSE-SH*T!
Pardon the language- but I swear I am sick to the eye teeth of being told that we women asked for "it" simply because we want and ask a man to do something.

I happen to be one of the lucky women....I not only have a husband who loves to cook and doesn't mind helping with the household stuff as long as he doesn't have to do it ALL by himself, But I have two sons and a baby brother who feel the same way as Paulius does. I got lucky- but almost every single day I hear that same old tired remark made to other women- or I see a man who sits on his ass in public while his wife or girlfriend runs around like a chicken with her head cut off after the kids or doing yardwork or something that is equally as much HIS task as hers while he calls to her- "Honey, bring me something to drink would ya?" or " Babe, little Johnny is about to run into the road- bring him back up here or watch him, why don't ya?"

Here's an idea, Buddy.... Get off YOUR ass and act like a real man and help her out a little. It wasn't OUR generation who started that horsecrap and I'll bet if you took a poll now- over 50% of us women would be saying we wanna go back to the old ways of doing things.

If I could get my hands on those women and their "EQUAL RIGHTS" movement , Why, I'd ........


Paulius said...

Who knew, that brainwashing course I took really paid off!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Sunny...I agree with you to a point. Sometimes I think Women forgot what KIND of power they had over men before all this equal rights stuff. NOW I agree that We need to become PEOPLE get the right to vote (Do you really want to let men run any country alone>?) Right to choose what to do. (Although I think sexual freedom got in us into a whole mess of trouble that we didn't think about) I do believe in equal pay for eqaul work.

So some of the bra buners did good for us. And some of us are lucky enough to choose to stay home and raise our monsters to become less monsters. I'm one of the lucky ones who can stay home. Although there are many days I wish I was working jsut so I could see PEOPLE who don't scream MOMMY!

Paulis Thank God for you. My hubby only helps when we have company which is great. BUT I want him to help alittle more. I've quit helping him with the other stuff like working in the bush and building stuff for our house. I think he misses the point. How hard can it be to pick up the toys in the living room while watching t.v. Huh?

Great Blog my dear...