Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lists of Lists to Make.

That's what I do.
It's who I am.

I actually DO that.
Make lists of lists to make.

I used to be the most organized person in the world- I wasn't always like that tho. When I was young, I grew up in a household with a MOM and DAD- and four brothers and sisters. My mom hated housework and so, as the eldest of the kids, it fell to me to get all the household stuff done while she and my oldest younger brother and sister helped her with the gardening and the outside chores.

Suited me just fine- I hated getting dirty and smelly anyway.

But me being me- I had to have time for the really important stuff- you know- like Dating and Sunbathing, Talking on the phone and such.
So I had to figure out how to do everything else so efficently that I had time for the "important stuff".

So I made lists of all the things I had to do. Breakfast for everyone- then dishes- the making beds and doing laundry, sweeping and mopping and vaccuming. Then lunch and dishes. Then supper and dishes. And on school nights it was homework as well. Yep- I had to do it all- As well as keep up after my two youngest siblings who are 7 and 11 years younger than me, respectively.

So Lists were made- as well as timetables for all the weekday and weekend configurations- and it all worked out for me.
And I did it so well for years.

Then when I married- I was lost- Having to adjust for just two people after taking care of seven just COMPLETELY threw me off kilter. And it stayed that way for years. But then I got organized again and made lists and lists of lists to make again. And all was right with the world.

Then I became single again.

And I met Paulius. But I was single for a few years before he got here. Unfortunately for him I became a more than a little anal about my organization. I realized when he got here that I would have to adjust to living with someone who wasn't as organized as I was- and was fully prepared to adjust.

And I did.

However, I haven't quite adjusted to his level of organization.

There are certain things I cannot adjust to. Like the cigarette cellophanes left on the desk- or the table or the fliptop on the sofa.
Not when there is a wastebasket 1 & 1/2 feet from them.

I cannot abide a messy desk- it has to be clean and uncluttered for me to be able to work at it.

(Honestly, I was given work to do at my bosses desk one day and I TRIED to tell him I couldn't do the work there- but he insisted. He came back to a completely organized(for ME) desk and he couldn't find a thing. BUT I got the work done and I haven't been asked to do work at his war-zone anymore.)

I like all like things together....all CDs should be together on a shelf or in a drawer. DVDs- the same. VCR tapes-yep...them too. Ashtrays should be emptied after about 5 cigarettes.

I can't help that I'm like I am. I'm trying to be not-so-anal about it. We do have tug of wars about some things....trivial things that aren't really a big deal. It's more fun to tug about it than just give in tho, right? Isn't that part of being married? learning to give and take- and learning when TO give in?

He just has to give me time.
Hey- I actually DIDN'T empty the ashtray day before last when I walked by it.

I AM improving.......Don't you think?

And to be honest- he has been trying to be better at trying to remember to put stuff away on the shelves when he's finished, as well..... so, we're BOTH improving.

Life is good.


MC Etcher said...

Sunny, I think you and I should swap spouses.

Then Cindy and Paulius can be blissfully messy together for ever.

I'm neat and tidy, and will even learn a British accent if you like...

Sunny said...

LOL- Ever think that maybe I might not be quite as neat as you are and I might be MUCH messier than Cindy. I do have my VERY messy moments.

And Paulius will tell you I might be neat- but I do have some rather strange habits that drive him absolutely mad and would probally drive you mad as well. Sometimes they even drive ME a bit bonkers.

So for the sake of sanity(yours),I have to politely decline.

WEG...Your suggestion could come in handy as leverage to get him to come round to MY way of thinking about neatnes, tho, couldn't it?

So.......Paulius put you up to that, didn't he?
Nice try Paulius- you can't get rid of the Neat-freak Wifey THAT easily!!


Paulius said...

All I'm gonna say is this:

Better the devil you know.

Paulius said...

All I'm gonna say is this:

Better the devil you know.

Vicarious Living said...

Cluttered, yes. Messy, no.

The world would be a better place if everyone made lists. I wonder if I can demand that of my work people....

Sunny said...

LOL- Cluttered and Messy are the same thing in my book..... unorganized is too.......

Like I said- I'm a bit anal about it tho.

Not quite normal.