Monday, January 30, 2006

I Got Nothin'.......

And that's all I got to say about that...........You know me- when I got nothing to say I don't say anything..........

Yep, quiet as a church-mouse, that's me............................

Just sitting back............... waiting for something to pop into my pretty lil' head while I'm saying nothing.

Just thinking, I am.............

Real quiet-like, you know...................just sittin' and waitin'.......................... enjoying the peace......................and quiet..........................................

Yep, that's what I'm a doin', all right......................................

Just being quiet and waiting....................

Being quiet, you understand.............waiting and watching...................quietly.

I'll just sit back over here in the corner and wait some more, if you don't mind................................

Real quiet-like.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I can't hardly believe it. A Sunday- and I have but ONE thing to do- put my uniforms in the dryer.
Can you believe it? On the other hand- I can't go out and DO anything because it's been raining kittens & puppies off and on all day, so far.

I think I'll ask Paulius if he wants to go window shopping up over at the friendly neighborhood Wally-World. I LOVE window shopping.
(Of course, I will be looking for some other things to dress the house a bit too. More of a fishing expedition than window shopping actually.....but that's for me to know. It won't take long for him to figure it out after we arrive, anyway, now will it?)


Have a Lazy Sunday, Y'all!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm A Toys-R-Us Kid I Don't Wanna Grow Up.......

You know what the trouble with being an adult is?

You don't get recess anymore. You don't get to go outside and play anymore. It's now called getting active- or getting your excersize. Why do we have to justify adult playtime as getting some excersize? Why can't we just say, I need to go out and play?
I wanna play in the sandbox. I wanna play on the slide. I wanna jump out of the swing again. I wanna ride my bike and do it hands free! I wanna climb trees and build forts and play house with a house with walls made of stacked sticks or carefully scooped and lined up pine-needles. I wanna play school again and take turns being teacher. I wanna make mud-pies and have water fights with the hose. I wanna play baseball or football and not have all the rules and regulations- i just wanna wack the ball with the bat and watch it sail across the field. Or throw the football and try to sack whoever hs the good fortune to catch it. I want to play a rousing game of dodgeball or how about Red- Rover?????? I wanna shoot hoops and not keep score. I wanna swing out over the ravine on a grapevine swing and do the Tarzan yell(I actually do a VERY good impression of it). I wanna pitch horseshoes.

Being a kid was so much fun. Being an adult with responsibilities just SUX sometimes.

I vow that this year- as soon as the weather warms a bit- I am going to go biking more often. I am also going to buy a set of horseshoes and an ice cream churn and every Sunday afternoon I am going to extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to come over for a few games of horseshoes and a churn of home-made ice-cream. Every week a different flavor!

The weekends are going to become my RECESS- I am taking back my right to have FUN!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sorry Bout That........

This has been a strange week.

I know I haven't posted as much on here lately, but I've been using most of my brainpower on trying to think out how to get my new book started again. I have had about a dozen false starts but by process of elimination I am getting closer to getting it done.
That's the hardest part of the whole thing- the very first paragraph- hell, the very first sentence. I have several ways I choose a book.
#1 is to pick it up and read the first sentence or two. If it doesn't grab my attention or if it starts out with"It was a dark and stormy night..." it usually goes back on the shelf.
#2 is to open it to the middle of the book and read a couple paragraphs. If it doesnt grab my attention- back it goes.
#3 is to have nothing else available to read. Even if it does have a bad start- or if it doesn't particularly grab my attention from the middle of the story, I still will read it if there is nothing else around.
Granted, there are VERY few times that any of the first two have happened- so, unless it's a technical manual, if it's within my reach- it's gonna get read.
Anyway- you can bet your butt that this time everything will get backed up. Storm season approaches in a couple months and this ain't gonna happen again.

As for the book I DID have backed up-somewhat- I have been too happy lately to be able to work on it much. I suppose I could work on it a bit at work while I have my downtimes, but I've just not been in the right frame of mind- a female sniper is a hard character to work with if you're not pissed off about something and my hubby is making me way too happy for that character to be utilized much. Another thing that is keeping me from doing much on it at work is the fact that I DON'T have acces to a computer at work altho I had been informed that I would before taking this job. I hate taking down all the info in long-hand and then having to transfer it to computer after I get home. I could use a secretary- or a laptop so I only have to do it once.
What I wouldn't give to be able to take a year off and work on and finish my books without the distraction of work and sleep schedules getting in my way. Maybe at some point in the future I will be able to do that.
I wish Paulius would be doing more of that now- while I'm at work and he doesn't have to worry about a job interfering, but I know that inspiration hits when it hits and not particularly when you WANT it to hit.
Also I have been spending an inordinate amount of time working on getting things fixed up a bit for my in-laws visit in April. We have some painting to do before then and I also have to make some new drapes for the living-room and the bedroom before then. Not so much to do really- but figuring out the most adventagous time to do these things is a happy task that has kept me occupied.
Paulius says he has no preference when it comes to decorationg, but we all know all men say that and it's JUST-NOT-TRUE.
Just to prove my point he told me that very thing when I asked him for the hundredth time a month ago and i said "Fine, then I'll paint it lavender like the hallway." That changed his mind. LOL.
And lavender wasn't a choice I made deliberately. I had some white left over from another project- and a tiny bit of eggplant purple. My hallway had been painted an UGLY battleship gray before I moved in and after two years of looking at it- I finally got fed up and mixed the two colors I had together. It rendered a beautiful lavender color- perfect for a girls bedroom or a guest-room accent trim color, but it was better than battleship-grayso Paulius and my sons painted the main hallway with it. I want to change it again but he says if i want it painted again I'll have to do it myself.
Anyway- he had changed his mind about the colors NOT mattering but I couldn't get him to go and look at paint chips- so I went out- got some paint chips in some colors that were somewhat neutral and asked him to choose from them. So he did. And i am adding a color of my choosing to it and the lighter color will go on top- the darker on bottom and i will make some drapes to co-ordinate with both colors and we will both be happy. I also have to get trim to match or replace the trim that is up in half the room. See, Paulius remodeled the first month he was here- with my AND my parents blessing- but one room had a chair rail around the room- the other didn't. So the combined room is half railed. I want it to match. I'll probally end up replacing it all to get it to look right. It'll be worth it.

Anyway- now that I've bored y'all to tears(with the exception of maybe OZZY) and have got my mind off the book for awhile, maybe my next attempt at the beginning will be a success!!

Wish me luck!!!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Well.............Alrighty Then......

Several topics to touch on somewhat briefly.

First- I want to apologize to the Panthers for my Mojo vibes being intercepted by the Seahawks. My fault, I should have put a curse on them first before sending your Mojo to you.
Secondly- It's not entirely my fault- some of you players were chewing GUM for GODs sake- you should have had the good sense to spit it out before going against the Seahawks. I mean, they were on their turf- they haven't lost on their turf all season- did you not realize that you would need ALL your concentration to beat them there? For shame- you're smarter than that. Look how far you got....
Thirdly- There's always next year, I suppose.


You know, it's great when you realize what a good boss is. Not that I have one now, mind you, but I have had a few that were great.
First, there was Frank Powell. He was super. Always ready to lend an ear and help you with any problems you were having with your job- and I utilized that willingness learning to do my job.
Thanks Mr.P.

Next there was Scott Duncan. He was a total idiot when it came to being a BOSS- always trying to act all superior and trying to show off when I (as well as everyone else) knew I was hired to take over his job but refused due to the company trying to screw him over, which the higher-up STILL haven't forgotten but I did the right thing so screw em. But one thing about S.D.- He was always willing to get out in the trenches and work beside you when he wasn't being an ass.
We worked alot of overtime together in the rain, sleet, snow, sub-zero temps and hundred degree weather(at NIGHT) and he wasn't one to make us miserable any longer than was absolutely necessary. We had fun while we worked, cracking jokes and telling funny stories(when the clients weren't around of course....otherwise we had to be perfectly professional and well mannered.)He was a joy to work with too(when he wasn't being an ass). Thanks Duncan.

Next was CJ Mojica- He came from down-state and everyone was scared sh*tless of him- ex military- a real hard-ass if you believed everything you heard. Actually he was a bit of a hardass at first, but one thing about him. There was BLACK and there was WHITE... there were NO GRAY areas with him. If you followed the written rules- he would back you a thousand percent, no matter how much the client bitched and whined about something you did or didn't do(usually in the form of special treatment in some way, shape or form they didn't get) He would look them in the eye and tell them flat out- you hired us to protect you and your property. These are YOUR rules. My officer followed these rules. If you want things done differently, change the written rules. Then my officer will follow THOSE rules. But until then, the rules you have set forth are the ones my officer will follow and I back him/her all the way. Not to mention the fact he shot a smiley face in a quarter scale sillouette at almost 50 yards with a 9mm Glock.
THAT's the type boss I want covering my back. Thanks C.J.

Last there was Roger Chapman. He was alot like C.J.
Same thing- covered his officers- defended them if they were right, disciplined them if they were wrong. A very good man. Always spoke with each officer every night they worked. Told jokes and stories to try and keep morale up and almost everyone respected him. The ones that didn't were total jackasses and didn't deserve to have a boss like him anyway....short-timers...move along, your loss. Thanks Roger!!

Good bosses are hard to come by and even harder to keep around. Bosses like these are destined for better things than they start with. Too bad. Our loss.


Today is my Paulius Birthday. He is a big ole Quarter Century Old today!
Happy Birthday Paulius!!
I wish I could post a pic of my Sweetness on here for you all. Unfortunately, he hates getting his picture taken and would kill me if he didn't approve it first. So, maybe later.

And how was your weekend????????

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Paulius!!! Jan.23rd

Happy 25th my darling husband!!

Here's hoping all your birthday wishes come true!!!



Upate On Remodel/Decorating Project.

The Re-model/decorating went GREAT this weekend.

Paulius and Frank did the hard stuff(ripping out the walls and built-in chest) and I did the other minor stuff.

Taking all that out gave us a good two feet width more in the room. Before we had a king sized bed and a dresser in the room with an 18 inch band of floor between the two. No extra room at all- Wall-to-wall bed and on the other side of the doorway the dresser. Now we have the bead and the dresser but there's room to walk around the bed and believe it or now- we still have a small closet on each side of the head of the bed which works out great because we have LOTS more folding clothes than hanging clothes.

Added bonus of all this remodeling work is Paulius is definitely listening to me more.


Right now the room is done in a jungle/wild animal print theme, but it's going to be changed in a couple weeks to a Royal Blue, Gold, and White/Sun, Moon & Stars theme. I am, after all a Goddess and this would be more fitting to my status.

Stop Laughing.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Got It All Planned!! *WARNING- CHICK TOPICS!!*

This weekend is gonna be a busy one. Going to pick up a bed and going to do a bit of remodeling in the bedroom. So tommorrow-(Friday) -is going to be BUSY!!!!!

Can't wait to paint and re-decorate the livingroom too. Nothing will be changed in the placement of the furniture(Paulius put his foot down about that because relocating furniture will mess up the home theatre sound system)but the wall colors will be changed and so will the window treatments and the accessories(a bit). I have yet to find a treatment for the windows- actually I KNOW what treatment I will be doing- I just have to find the fabrics!

I know guys don't find decorating very interesting, but it's what I LOVE doing!

I stopped today and did something I haven't done in ages! I bought make-up. Sapphire blue mascara, berry lipgloss and a light brown eyebrow/eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow. I didn't get foundation- need to do some research on that because of my strange sensitive skin, but that's next. Tonight I did my brows and my eye-make-up and I am absolutely amazed at the change in my appearance.
I don't usually wear make-up, not reccomended for work and no time or energy when I'm home, but seeing this look has inspired me to wear it a bit more!

Anyway- That's my plans for the weekend....Hope Y'all have a good one!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I read this question on a meme on Silver Creek Musings blog.

Thought I would borrow it and get to know you guys better!

It's simple...List all the cars you've owned.......

My List...
*65 Mustang-Black Hardtop(my first car and I LOVED it, but tore 4 trannies out of it in 3 months)
*Unknown year Bel-Aire- turquiose(my papa gave it to me)
*60-something El Camino-red
*62 Ford Fairlane-white 4 door
*67 Chevy Impala- light yellow
*72 Dodge Challenger- /Silver-Grey with black stripes. My favorite car of all the ones I have EVER owned. It had a 318 motor in it and had a low thunder rumble that sounded SOOOOOO sweet! I miss that car!!
*79 Cutlass Supreme- light blue
*79 Toyota Celica- white
*80 MGB Ltd.-Black with grey stripes, convertable.
*94 Dodge Neon- white 4 door
*87 Le Baron- Navy blue
* 94 Ford Aspire

I hope my next vehicle will be a big old double doolie(I KNOW it's spelled wrong, but I spell it the way I say it in this case)crew-cab pick-em up truck!!

Whoo hoo- how Redneck is THAT?????

I figured it out!!!

As you guys know- I lost my books on the computer that got fried a few months ago. So I'm having to start over. On the one hand, the first one I backed up a bit- so it's not COMPLETELY lost. The second one tho- I started it several times but just couldn't get the storyline so it worked seamlessly. On the drive home this morning I figured it out.

So now I am off to get it down on paper before I forget it.

That would just piss me off.

Monday, January 16, 2006

What A Weekend!!

Nothing special happened- and at the same time it was just FANTASTIC!

No stresses, no headaches, no running around like I normally do.

This weekend it was all about R & R.

I slept when I wanted. I got up when I wanted. I ate when I wanted(if I wanted). I read a book. I watched a couple movies I have been wanting to see. I watched a couple of comedies with Paulius he has been wanting me to test-drive. And I watched the Panther-Bears game on TV.

(Congrats PANTHERS on going to Seattle next week for the next leg of the playoffs!!!!)
I'll be having a Super-Bowl party if they make it to the S-Bowl.

All in all- it was a fantastic couple of days!

Now it's back to the grindstone- and scouring the classifieds for job opportunities. I am determined to find something better. There HAS to be something out there. There HAS to be!!!!

I actually found a year-round Christmas Shoppe in town over the holidays! Maybe I'll try for a job there! Like a kid in a candy shoppe I would be!!!!

I'm such a happy bunny right now!


Now a couple of other things......

I totally understand about your decision. I kinda saw it coming way back when you were separated from your family for those weeks. You really missed them and we can tell you are first and foremost a family-man. I'll miss your blog- the funny stories and the pics of the family- but so be it. I'll look forward to seeing you stop by and comment here when you get a chance.
Wishing you the BEST!!!!

Hope everything is okay there...haven't heard from you in a while and miss ya!!!

Cindy-Yep- looking for another job. I am sick to death of law Enforcement in EVERY sense of the word. It was bearable til last week- and again today. last week was the check deal- this morning I went in and I have to stay inside the building every morning instead of getting a break and going to the parking-lot to monitor safety of the employees walking in every morning. No fresh air now. just DULL, DULL, BORING lobby-work with all those sick, germy people coughing and sneezing all over everything.
I'll be wearing latex gloves and a face mask all the time now.


I reckon that's all for now.........don't be surprised if I remember something else in an hour and post again, tho.
I seem to have acquired a nasty case of CRS lately.

And it's NOT old age creeping up on me either, thank you VERY much!!


Later y'all!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tid Bits........................

Well, I FINALLY got my paycheck today. It STILL wasn't delivered to ME tho- It was put in the mailbox next to mine.

And it's gone now- ALL GONE.

But my bills are paid and I can breathe easier..........til next week which will be late again because of MLK holiday.
My GOD- does it NEVER end?

Thanks Y'all for letting me vent about this topic this week.
Hopefully, soon I will be at a new job and maybe I won't have this problem........



OMG! The Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears play this weekend in the play-offs!!

How COOL is it that the Panthers have gone this far, again, THIS year!!

I only have a Super-Bowl party when one of my teams are in it.

(That would be the Carloina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders for those of you who are new here)

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?

I have a NEW Grand-neice!

Kendal Angelique
Details to follow- haven't been able to get up to see her yet and am getting a busy signal on the room phone at the hospital to find out details!!

I Do know she was born on her 4 year old sister, Andrea's birthday!!!
Drea told my sister that she would share her birthday cake with her new sister if she could just get "SOMEBODY" to take her up to the hospital....Aren't kids CUTE???

Wednesday, January 11, 2006



Nothing in the mail again.

And I called my boss to tell him I wouldn’t be able to make it in because of the situation and he had the fucking NERVE to insinuate I might need to learn to manage my money better and I had better find a way to come in ………. He even said I should have borrowed it from him before I left this morning.

I think I do good to make ends meet with what piss-ass little they pay me and EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE me, but I’m not in the habit of borrowing money from people I BARELY know-let alone my co-workers and DOUBLY let alone my BOSS-especially when I expect my company to pay me when they are supposed to!!

Owwwww, I am pissed off.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO looking for a new job.

Damn them ALL to hell.

I wanna win the lottery.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okay, Here's The Deal........

Every day I go to work and am at a job I hate for 8 hours.

Even tho I despise the job I am doing, I realise that it is a job that needs to be done and I am good at it. So I go.

I am not paid nearly enough for the crap I have to put up with but I am there every night,(unless I have a KILLER migraine- maybe 4 times a year), and what's more- I get there on TIME. Usually a few minutes BEFORE the time I am REQUIRED to be there. And I stay there. I don't go off-site for my lunch hour, I don't go pay bills during my shift, nor do I have people there "visiting" me and disrupting the routine and schedule.

So WHY THE F*** can those people I work for not get me my paycheck when I am supposed to get it?

I just don't understand it. Okay, the last two weeks I could see it being late with the holidays falling on the weekend and the banks and the USPS being shut down for an extra day. But not this week.

Let's play by the RULES people- and how about ONE SET of rules- not rules for us and OTHER rules for the company. If i have to be on time and at work every day- the pay me on time.

Nothing pisses me off more than to bust my ass for a long week doing something I hate and then not have anything to show for it on the day I SHOULD receive at least a token of appreciation.

I know I resolved not to get so stressed out about stuff like this this year, but DAMMITT!!!!!!

M&#^#*)@)@(@( S###&)($*$*$ *$ C)@(@* $**$) C#&$@*#&@*@ B@$#@)#s!!!!!!!!

Okay, I feel slightly better now. Ignore the 3 mile wide crater I just created.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Isn't Life Funny?

Well, I want to tell y'all my weekend did get better.
I went and did some things with two of my kids, talked to three of them and did some really fun stuff with my Paulius as well. Made up ALOT for the things I was blogging about yesterday- altho it wasn't really about any of the people I did stuff with this weekend.
At any rate- it did put me in a much better mood to see iIwas loved and not everyone is doing the things I was whining about. Funny thing was, none of the people I did stuff with this weekend even read my blog.....except Paulius.

Isn't life funny sometimes?

Hope your weekend was good too!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Am I THAT Bad?

I am in a horribly bad mood today- and I can't even blame it on PMS.

I had a great weekend last weekend. Spent time with people I love, rested-rejuvenated. Felt on top of the world today.

Unfortunately, it seems that lately, when I have something planned to do with someone-(anyone)- they cancel out on me with several different reasons.
1)I have a headache and don't feel like it.
2)I was throwing up last night and don't feel like it.
3)I didn't sleep well last night and am too tired.
4)I'm not in the mood today.
5)I have something ELSE that came up.

Every once in a while these happening doesn't phase me. But almost every time?

Do I stress people out THAT much?
Am I THAT boring?
Am I such a PAIN that I give people headaches and make them throw up?
What am I- chopped liver? Am I not important enough to say"Sorry but I have plans with Sunny today. Maybe tomorrow."?

Other small things are cropping up as well- but enough of that. Tomorrow's another day.

I'll get over it, but right now I don't feel very good about me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006



!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've Been Invited......

to go with my Darling elder Son and DIL to the sonogram viewing to find out the sex of the arriving in May baby.

At 2PM this afternoon we will find out.... and I will be home posting shortly thereafter!!

THINK PINK!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another Year Gone.....

And another to take it's place.

All bright, new and shiney as a new copper penny!

Just think of all the possibilities for the New Year- ANYTHING is possible!!
I could get a fantastic new job that I love-
or I could win that lottery after all.

Possibly move into a new house- or to a new state- or country even!

I could change my hair color(I always wanted to be a RED-head!!)
I could lose that weight I've been trying to lose....(or I could gain a few more pounds if I don't watch out!~Shudder!!!~)

I could get a new car- and go on a fantabulous vacation- or two!!

Oh, I can't WAIT to get started and see what happens!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!