Monday, October 31, 2005

Disciplining A Cat???????



Good one, MC Etcher!!!

Obviously you have never been allowed to reside with a feline.

There is NO WAY to discipline a cat. Nothing works.

There ARE several things you can do to show your displeasure when they are bad.

You can yell at them. The first time it will startle him and they will hunker down and stare at you like you have possibly lost your mind. He will look from you to the phone-possibly wondering if it would be worth it to call the humans who bring out the straight-jacket, since obviously you have lost your mind yelling at him like that. In the end, he will decide to give you ONE more chance since , without you there, he will have no one to feed him and change his litter.
Lucky You.
After the first time, yelling is completely ignored- or worse, he will look at you and then at the phone as if to say"I WILL call them if you continue speaking to me in this tone. It's completely unacceptable.- I can always find another insignificant being to live with me."

Another thing you can do is to spritz him with one of those water misters. The cats' reaction will be to be startled for a second, then run across the room and proceed to clean the water off himself with his tongue. After he finishes cleaning himself sufficiently, he will then immediately do whatever it was you misted him for so you will mist him again because grown cats are WAY too lazy to go all the way to his water bowl in the kitchen for when there is a human-slave who is perfectly willing to mist him with water, sitting in the same room with him.

You can also try putting him in the pet carrier as a sort of "Kitty Time-Out". He will not like being confined and will glare at you for a grand total of about 5 minutes to show HIS displeasure with YOU- then he will make the best of a bad situation and turn his back to you and lie down for a "cat nap"(normally around three hours long) If you really want to piss him off, as soon as he goes to sleep, wake him up and tell him Time-Out is over, snuggle him close and tell him you couldn't stay mad at him, he's such a "cutesy wootsey widdle kitty" and pet him enthusiastically and vigorously. Make sure to rub his fur in all directions. He will reward you with a very disturbing DEATH-GLARE for a very long time as he grooms himself("Filthy human- actually having the nerve to touch His Excellency-You will PAY!!!!")(I always imagine cats as having Stewie Griffins (Family Guy)voice when they talk). It might be a good idea to take advantage of his being occupied with his intense grooming session to make sure all your shoes are secured in a room with a door, preferably with a handle he hasn't learned to trip open yet. Ditto on anything else you actually value and want to keep.

You could kill them- but they have nine lives and once they catch on, it takes a LONG time to get all nine of them done-in, and that's usually the first time you try it.

Or- you can get a puppy.
A very cute, energetic puppy. Or even better, get two. They will position themselves to annoy the cat from front and rear flanks at every opportunity.

And then you get to be the GOOD human by rescuing the poor widdle kitty from those annoying puppies- all the while smiling gleefully while the cat is looking over your shoulder at the puppies receding from view as you walk away..................

Kittens are wonderful, cute, sweet playmates.
Grown cats are Satan's Spawn.

That said- Please don't let your cats outside tonight. Usually it's a good idea not to let them out the entire week before Halloween. There are some real sicko people out there who will do bad things to your beloved Darth Furball- especially if he is black.
They might be annoying, but they do love us(I think) and they are a great source of entertainment if we can just find humor in every situation.

Happy Halloween, All!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The EVIL Darth Furball Strikes Again !!!!

Our CAT is now going thru Kitty Puberty. Evidently, he has decided to become a Satan-worshiping Goth version of a teenager.

He has become evil incarnate the past month. I am ready to cut his evil tail off- right behind his ears. Paulius is a bit more easy-going than I am, he only wants to send Darth to Kitty Azkaban.

Whatever works and gets him past this stage is fine with me.

Examples of his evil habits now include:
*Climbing over EVERY surface of the entire house
*Scattering his litter from his box to every surface of the house
*Sleeping in his litter box
*Ignoring his kitty food and actually trying to steal food from our plates while WE are eating
*Using his litter that he has scattered all over the bathroom floor for the purpose it was intended(mind you, we have a carpeted bathroom floor as well)
*Gathering all the stuffed animals up from all over the house and imitating the Marquise De Sade with a select one or two- (the others just are forced to watch )
*Pouncing on our legs as we walk from room to room, tripping us up at every opportunity
*Refusing to actually catch mice but insisting on having them when we catch them in a trap. He then proceeds to play circus with them(juggling them from room to room) til we can steal them back from him and dispose of them properly
*Tearing up the trash bag to get to whatever he imagines is in there
*Tipping over the trash container if he can't tear the trash bag sufficiently
*Climbing on our chests and pawing our faces(YUK- remember WHERE those nasty paws have been lately?)
*Spazzing and racing thru the entire house at top speed - literally bouncing off of and/or climbing the walls.

I want to ask myself- where did we go WRONG?

How could we have been better masters?

I tell you the answer- we couldn't have been better. Nor did we go wrong.
We were perfect to him.
We fed him
We bathed him
We cuddled him and bought him toys
We even let him sleep on the foot of our bed at night.
We even let him drink water from the aquarium-just the way he likes it- ice cold and fish-flavored

All I have to say is-
Either he straightens out soon- or he's dis-inherited.

AND I'll go get a PUPPY!! Maybe even TWO!!!!!!!!!!

And don't think I'm kidding- because I'm NOT!!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Well, In THAT Case............

Here it is- my weekend off. I still haven't quite gotten used to having TWO (tee-hee) days off.

I have a list about a mile long of things I need to do- and a couple of things I WANNA do.

So which do I do?

A few I NEED to do-

Sort out closets in master bedroom
Re-organize boxes we have packed in hallway
Wash dishes-again
Clean up and clean OUT car


Go fishing
Sit my butt and watch movies and snuggle with my Paulius all day.

Ahhhhh....... Well, never mind. Paulius has just informed me of his game plan for this weekend and it sounds WAY more wonderful than what I had in mind.

No Details, folks- but it involves viewing, extreme concentration, and patience.

Gotta run now....Have a GREAT weekend!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am SOOOO Sick of it- WHEN does it ever END????

I heard the damndest thing on the radio coming home today from work.

A couple of banks in Britain are banning giving out piggy banks for savings for kids because- get this- it MIGHT offend Muslims. Not WILL- or DOES- but it MIGHT.

I swear- WHY do we have to be so damn PC all the time now?

I am sick to the eye teeth of it.

Let me tell you all what I refuse to do.
I refuse to be PC anymore.

I will not give up my piggy bank and I will give every baby born into the family one to save their pennies.

I will not give up birth-control(not that it's a factor right now) because I might offend a Catholic if I forget to take it at home and have to bring it out in a public place when I remember.

I will not give up my Christmas tree because it might offend a Jewish person who lives down the street if it's lit up when they pass by, neither will I give up my menorah because it might offend the Christians if they see it in my window during Hanukkah.

I will not give up going to church on Saturday because it might offend the Christians down the street who believe the Sabbath is on Sunday- Also, I will not give up going to church on Sunday because it might offend the Seventh Day Adventists who believe the Sabbath is on Saturday.

I will not give up wearing pants or jeans because there are people out there who believe that women shouldn't wear them and might be offended.

I will not give up eating meat just because the vegetarians might be offended.

I will not give up eating McDonalds burgers because the Hindu's might be offended.

I will not give up vegetables just because the Cannibals in the deepest darkest jungles might be offended.

I will not give up eating Chocolate just because there are diabetics who might take offense.

I will not stop smoking just because there are non-smokers who might be offended, neither will I smoke just because there might be some smokers who might be offended if I don't join them.

I refuse to give up my foreign car that is really good on fuel consumption just because there are some American auto-makers who might be offended.

I will not learn a second language just because someone from another country might be offended that I don't speak theirs. Hell, if I learned all the languages of all the people that don't know English but live in my area- I would spend all the rest of my time in life learning 87 more languages than I know now.
I don't think so- after all-

Why do we have to ban or stop all these things just because they might offend someone else?

It's so freaking stupid. If I could get broadband-(or electricity, for that matter)-on a deserted island somewhere I would move there and tell everyone to KISS MY POLITICALLY INCORRECT ASS!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

I Want Some MORE Of That!!

I swear, this was a wonderful weekend.

Paulius and I actually got some yard-work done- lots and lots of mulching in front of the house. My oldest son, Frank, helped a lot, too.

Paulius and I stayed up late, and then made breakfast together and ate it in the kitchen.

When we first got married, we did that every day but the past few months instead of coming straight home from work I would go to the hospital to be with Daddy, so we kinda got out of the habit.

It is absolutely our favorite time to talk with each other and we really have missed it.
Not much is better than lingering and chatting over a breakfast of toast and eggs and bacon, with an over-sized cup of coffee. Lots of cream- not quite so much sugar.

After breakfast we mulched the yard- actually got out and did a bit of manual labor- something I usually try and avoid whenever possible. Wore old comfortable clothes and comfy sneakers. Worked with man-tools like a spade and rake and shovels and scoops wearing leather work gloves.

Arrrrr..arrrrr..arrrr....Tim Allen had nothing on me this weekend!

I don't know about you guys- but I have to be in a certain mood to get out in the elements and get dirty and tired. Not to mention sweaty. Sweaty I usually reserve for other- more fun, shall we say, activities.

It was really nice being out in the fresh COOL air and sunshine for a change. And the yard does look good if I say so myself!

I don't think we had the TV or the Computer on for more than an hour or so this weekend- until the cable-guy came to install the broadband.

Even then, my sweet, darling hubby set it to downloading a couple things and left it to it while he spent some more quality and quantity time with me. Am I not truly blessed or WHAT?
And no sarcasm is intended with that statement either, in case you're wondering.

I baked some made from scratch Chocolate Chip Cookies(and were they good!) and made a meatloaf and mashed potatoes -(real peeled and boiled and mashed- not imitation instant) -dinner. Then my DIL came over and since her and my son didn't have their 5 year old for the night, Marie(DIL- who is expecting ) and I went to Subway and got two foot-long Philly Cheese-steak sandwiches (she was having a craving and since I want a Granddaughter, I am trying to bribe her with anything she is craving) and brought them back and we had a midnight picnic together with our hubbies!!

Paulius and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this weekend- no not wedding anniversary- it was the anniversary of the first e-mail we sent to each other!!!!

Anyway, It really WAS a wonderful weekend.

I can't wait for the next one!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Today , I have been informed, is a RED letter day.

I can't remember the last time I got so excited about something.

Oh- yes, I can- it was when I saw Paulius at the airport in Atlanta when he came back after us being separated for over two years.

I was actually giddy with excitement. I was nervous, and happy, and had butterflies the size of vultures in my tummy- I couldn't sit still- was pacing and almost jumping for joy-now I know what THAT phrase means.

Well, that's EXACTLY how excited my hubby was today when the broadband was finally installed and connected. I swear- I was afraid he was gonna pee himself he was so happy!

Paulius and I were talking about that yesterday. He compared his computer stuff and gaming to shoe buying. I told him that I wasn't into shoe shopping, but if he replaced it with anything Christmas- I understood totally.

His games are my ornaments. His broadband is my gifts under the tree. His computer is my Christmas tree.

I get it now.

I just wish I could have that type excitement every day.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Love Autumn.

It's so nice out today.

Time to do a bit of yard-work. Spread a bit of mulch- cut the last bit of grass for the year....maybe go down and trim the grass around the pond.

Not too hot to do it- not too cool to do it....Like the baby bears stuff- It's JUST right!!

What I really wanna do is stay in bed and cuddle with Paulius all day, but duty calls. Must.... be.... a............. responsible............. adult.........

God- I wish I had such great wealth that I could hire someone to do all these mundane things and i could just waste away the day......every day.

I suppose I would soon become bored with that tho....It would take a few months- but then I would be looking for something of a challenge.

Maybe Paulius and I could live in a different country for 3 months at a time- then move to the next one.

A different home in a different country for every season. That would be nice!!!

Where would I want to be each season?

Amsterdam in the Spring
St. Thomas in the Summer
New England in the Autumn
North Pole in the Winter. ( I would get first choice of the toys for Christmas because we would be Santa's neighbor- therefore his and Mrs. Claus' best Friends).

Did I ever tell y'all that when I was 6 I was adamant that I was going to marry Santa when I grew up?
Childhood Fantasies.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Ever have one of those days when your mind is racing about a zillion miles a second and you have three hundred and eighty seven things you could (and WANT) to blog and rant about but you just don't have the energy to do any of them justice?

Me too. Right now.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Consumption Per...

Worldwide chocolate consumption per capita per person per year-

Austria..............................11.6 lbs
West Germany.................13.8
United States...................10.0

Add another zero to the US and that's about MY quota for a year.
No Joke.

I don't know why I don't weigh at least 500 lbs.

I'm just glad I DONT.


My excuse....I mean reason......... to eat chocolate today is:

Watching the contents level drop in my candy dish will give me a sense of accomplishment.

Yeah- That's it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Scratch & Sniff?

Just think about how much more interesting TV would be if there was smell-a-vision.

Scents emitted from the TV when commercials come on.

Just think....Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza-
Olive Gardens Shrimp Alfredo
Nestles Toll House Cookies

Febreeze Fabric Freshener
Downy Fabric Softener
Tide Mountain Fresh scent laundry detergent

White Diamonds perfume
Summers Eve- New scent!!

It would up sales by hundreds of millions- Especially on party night when everyone has the munchies and is sitting around just chilling, watching the idiot box!!!

On the other hand....there would be the comercials for things like Tidy Cat kitty litter-Ewwww.
But after that smell would come the freshscent of Tidy Cat kitty litter and it would make you go- It really DOES work!

Or how about Odor Eaters? Now THERE would be a real seller!!
It might even put an end to the false advertising for the products that DON'T work.

Just think guys- you could actually CATCH A SCENT OF that Morgan Webb girl who co-hosts with Adam Sessler.

And we females could catch a scent of that Diet Coke Guy.

I'm not sure I could ever watch CSI again tho....decomposing bodies smell might not work for me.

The electronic version of a scratch and sniff page in mags- would it really work?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Reason For Today

My reason for eating Chocolate today.......

There are thousands of different types of chocolate candies and until I have tried them all I cannot be sure of my favorite.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Best on Halloween

Swamp Juice

Lime Koolaid
Pineapple Juice

Mix. Drink. Enjoy

Party Girl......NOT

My daughter had a little party at her house last night.

Paulius and I went up and joined them. We had a rip-roaring bonfire going and the music was pumping- and Mike- her fiance- grilled burgers and brats..... it was GREAT.

We also did quite a bit of drinking.
We only had vodka and rum and Kahlua and we mixed it with tea(YUK)- OJ - and milk .

I drank 4 drinks- ( equal to about 8 if you bought them at a club). I haven't been out anywhere doing any drinking in about a year now-I've been taking care of other things- helping the parents with things, and working insane hours at work til I transferred to the new site.

It was so nice to have time off and be able to relax.

I don't know it is me getting older- or if it's just that I have been on the go for months now with no time off-so to speak- or if it was because I had only had 45 minutes nap for two days before the party- but I was literally falling asleep on my feet by 10:30 pm. (We had started partying at about 6 that evening.) One thing about when I party- I have to be DOING something- like dancing in order to not start getting TOO mellowed out. Unfortuately,We weren't dancing.

I held out til about 10:45 and then told everyone I was going to go home(about 150 yards away from my daughters house) and I was going to nap an hour or so and I would be back.

Didn't happen. I went in, laid down on the bed- and woke up at 5AM when Paulius came to bed.
He had stayed up there when I came home. I didn't mind- he hardly ever goes out and does anything without me.

I woke up this morning and got up around 10:00AM feeling symptoms of hangover least THAT hasn't changed!

I used to be able to go out clubbing, close the joint down, do breakfast afterwards and then grab a swimsuit and head off to the lake for a day of boating and partying there! Hell- we'd make a weekend of it, most times.

What is up with me these days?

I don't wanna be a TOTAL party animal- but I don't wanna turn into my parents either- never going out , always in bed by 9PM, saving and scrimping -watching every penny all the time.....I wanna LIVE life- not just observe it from a safe distance.

Does our lifestyle have to be an either/or proposition?

I don't think so- I think there is a happy medium. But I suppose it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice to have either/or.......

Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm CLEARLY Responsible.

A mistake is clear evidence that at least somebody TRIED to do something.

I did it- If you don't agree- the YOU do something. And do it FIRST.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

having a bit of a bad week....

Maybe some of you can tell me.....

Is it normal for me to start crying at the drop of a hat?

Like when I hear a train whistle blow?
Or when I see my Dads tractor sitting beside the shed?

Is it normal for me to be having nightmares almost everynight about people that I love dying?

Is it normal for me to be so clingy?
When my kids come to visit me and they say they have to leave- is it normal for me to start another conversation so I can keep them with me as long as possible?
And do it several times before they actually get to leave?(I'm afraid that if I keep doing this they will stop coming by as much and I surely don't want THAT to happen.)

Is it normal for me to almost have panic attacks when anyone I love is out of my sight- that I'm afraid that at any moment another person I love could be taken away from me?

I don't understand why I am doing these things. It's not like Dad had a heart attack or just passed away in his sleep with no warning....we knew for years that this was coming- and we knew for several weeks it could be at any minute.

Why am I not handling this with more maturity and poise?

I am glad he's not in pain and suffering anymore- but


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Calling All Iron Chefs!!!

Hey all you guys.

I don't know WHAT was up with the last post.

All I have to say in my defense is PMS.
Whether its PRE- or POST is your guess.

Anyway- I have a survey type question for you this time....

I know every one of us has at LEAST one dish we can make that gets RAVE reviews from the peeps-(apologies to the word purists out in blogland)-who are lucky enough to get to taste them.

So my question is-
What is YOUR specialty Dish?

(and be WARNED- I might ask for the recipe so if it's a family secret recipe-PLEASE-tell me beforehand.)

I have about a dozen that I make- but the top ones are-

Southern Buttermilk Pound Cake
Chocolate Oatmeal Drop Cookies
Made-From-Scratch Yeast Dinner Rolls
Cherry Yum-Yum
BBQ Ribs

I can't wait to hear yours!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What The HELL Were Those Women Thinking?

I swear, if I could get my hands on them they would PAY.

Damn bra-burners.

Equal rights for women, my ass.

All those moronic witches did was get us women having to do the same job as men for less money, in most cases.

Nowdays, we don't GET to stay home and clean house and cook and look after the kids......NOoooooooooo NOW we get to do all that AS WELL AS hold down a full time job.
And face it ladies- unless you got VERY lucky(which I DID) the "Man" of the house doesn't do much more than take out the garbage and usually you have to nag the crap out of them to do that because we're EQUAL now.

I say it's all a load of HORSE-SH*T!
Pardon the language- but I swear I am sick to the eye teeth of being told that we women asked for "it" simply because we want and ask a man to do something.

I happen to be one of the lucky women....I not only have a husband who loves to cook and doesn't mind helping with the household stuff as long as he doesn't have to do it ALL by himself, But I have two sons and a baby brother who feel the same way as Paulius does. I got lucky- but almost every single day I hear that same old tired remark made to other women- or I see a man who sits on his ass in public while his wife or girlfriend runs around like a chicken with her head cut off after the kids or doing yardwork or something that is equally as much HIS task as hers while he calls to her- "Honey, bring me something to drink would ya?" or " Babe, little Johnny is about to run into the road- bring him back up here or watch him, why don't ya?"

Here's an idea, Buddy.... Get off YOUR ass and act like a real man and help her out a little. It wasn't OUR generation who started that horsecrap and I'll bet if you took a poll now- over 50% of us women would be saying we wanna go back to the old ways of doing things.

If I could get my hands on those women and their "EQUAL RIGHTS" movement , Why, I'd ........

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lists of Lists to Make.

That's what I do.
It's who I am.

I actually DO that.
Make lists of lists to make.

I used to be the most organized person in the world- I wasn't always like that tho. When I was young, I grew up in a household with a MOM and DAD- and four brothers and sisters. My mom hated housework and so, as the eldest of the kids, it fell to me to get all the household stuff done while she and my oldest younger brother and sister helped her with the gardening and the outside chores.

Suited me just fine- I hated getting dirty and smelly anyway.

But me being me- I had to have time for the really important stuff- you know- like Dating and Sunbathing, Talking on the phone and such.
So I had to figure out how to do everything else so efficently that I had time for the "important stuff".

So I made lists of all the things I had to do. Breakfast for everyone- then dishes- the making beds and doing laundry, sweeping and mopping and vaccuming. Then lunch and dishes. Then supper and dishes. And on school nights it was homework as well. Yep- I had to do it all- As well as keep up after my two youngest siblings who are 7 and 11 years younger than me, respectively.

So Lists were made- as well as timetables for all the weekday and weekend configurations- and it all worked out for me.
And I did it so well for years.

Then when I married- I was lost- Having to adjust for just two people after taking care of seven just COMPLETELY threw me off kilter. And it stayed that way for years. But then I got organized again and made lists and lists of lists to make again. And all was right with the world.

Then I became single again.

And I met Paulius. But I was single for a few years before he got here. Unfortunately for him I became a more than a little anal about my organization. I realized when he got here that I would have to adjust to living with someone who wasn't as organized as I was- and was fully prepared to adjust.

And I did.

However, I haven't quite adjusted to his level of organization.

There are certain things I cannot adjust to. Like the cigarette cellophanes left on the desk- or the table or the fliptop on the sofa.
Not when there is a wastebasket 1 & 1/2 feet from them.

I cannot abide a messy desk- it has to be clean and uncluttered for me to be able to work at it.

(Honestly, I was given work to do at my bosses desk one day and I TRIED to tell him I couldn't do the work there- but he insisted. He came back to a completely organized(for ME) desk and he couldn't find a thing. BUT I got the work done and I haven't been asked to do work at his war-zone anymore.)

I like all like things together....all CDs should be together on a shelf or in a drawer. DVDs- the same. VCR tapes-yep...them too. Ashtrays should be emptied after about 5 cigarettes.

I can't help that I'm like I am. I'm trying to be not-so-anal about it. We do have tug of wars about some things....trivial things that aren't really a big deal. It's more fun to tug about it than just give in tho, right? Isn't that part of being married? learning to give and take- and learning when TO give in?

He just has to give me time.
Hey- I actually DIDN'T empty the ashtray day before last when I walked by it.

I AM improving.......Don't you think?

And to be honest- he has been trying to be better at trying to remember to put stuff away on the shelves when he's finished, as well..... so, we're BOTH improving.

Life is good.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Funny TRUE Story........

Let me relate a story to you.

It happened when my kids were little.

When my boys were 10 and 11 years old- they had a very profitable lawn care business for the summer.
I was working for 12-14 hours a day as a courier and they were making almost as much money a week as I was and working a LOT less hours. I laughingly told them that if they kept it up, I was going to quit my job and go to work for them.

My youngest son, Clay, looked at me and said "You might wanna wait on that, Mama, til after we turn 18."

I laughed and asked him why wait?
He and his brother, Frank, looked at each other and said in all seriousness- "Cause the first time you tried to ground us- we'd have to fire you."

Let that be a lesson to us all.

Now I Lay Me Down To..............


mumble mumble mumble...............






Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Would It Matter?

BIG brew-Ha-ha in the news.

Gay man in Australia wants to donate blood- the gift of life.
Answers truthfully about having had gay sex.
Is told he cannot donate.

And WHY the hell NOT??

All blood donations are tested.
They don't tell women who have had sex with men they can't donate. How do they know that some guy SHE had sex with isn't bi-sexual and she hasn't contracted a STD or AIDS?

That's right... they don't.
But they TEST the blood and so they can accept HER blood donation.
I don't see a difference between it being a male issue or a female issue. We all have sex- so why is one treated differently than the other?
What I DO see is clearly discrimination because of sexual preference.

I know the argument that gay men are more likely to be at risk for sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS- BUT-if the donation centers trust their testing system-and expect US to trust their testing system- why the big deal?

And if your loved one were dying- and needed the transfusion- would it matter to you where it came from if it saved their life? Or how about putting yourself in that situation......would it matter to you if it were YOUR life being saved by a gay mans blood donation?

That's why it's called the gift of LIFE.

You could say- "Why worry about it? That's happening in Australia."......Well, the thing is- It's the AMERICAN RED CROSS. And it's going to be implemented here if it hasn't already been.

That's why.

I normally don't rant on here- but some things just REALLY PISS ME OFF!
It's just WRONG.




Monday, October 03, 2005

It Wasn't Me- It Was My Evil Twin......

I should have been a Gemini.

I have two(at least) very distinct personalities living inside me.
This all started when OzzyC said I must be more of an introvert than he initially thought. My Best friend, Lois, was ROTFLHAO!!!

Let me introduce you to the two MEs.......

SunnyOne is a shy, introvert who hates crowds and can spend hours on her own keeping herself happily entertained by listening to the wind blow and the crickets chirp. She daydreams for hours and reads books and listens to classical music. She loves giving adult dinner parties and dressing up in elegant clothes. She loves the theatre, ballet and the country-club, quiet walks, picnics in the park, and watching funny movies. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

SunnyTwo is her evil twin. She likes going out to the clubs where the music is blasting so loud you are in danger of permanent hearing loss. She likes leather, and riding motorcycles and dancing to music with a fast, hard beat. She likes going out to the local bar and grill and eating wings and throwing back a few(or a lot of) tequila shots. She is loud, obnoxious, and has attitude out the ASS- enough for her AND SunnyOne put together. She likes rock concerts, hillbilly music, and anything that's daring and dangerous. She likes weapons of any kind and is DAMN good with them. Don't cross her.

Luckily, Paulius met both of the two MEs before he asked me to marry him.
I guess he's happy with both of us. And we are VERY happy with him.

He should have been a Gemini, too.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Show Me The Money!!!!!!!!!!!

If you won the lottery-

Would you still work- or would you not work and live a life of luxury?

I would quit my job. No doubt about it. Someone suggested that they would buy the company we work for now and then fire all the higher-ups and dissolve the company....I said that was a total waste of money- why give them the satisfaction of getting paid for a company they don't wanna keep in existence? If that's the plan, why not buy it- fire the higher-ups- implement better ideas and give the employees better pay and benefits and make the company a bigger success than when the others were running it and laugh your way to the bank-thus making them the monkeys they think them to be?
I like what I do- but I have dreams of other things. Fun things not having to do with what I do now.

I actually have a couple of things in mind for that day.......(I spend a LOT of time daydreaming about this).

First and foremost- I would have a small shoppe built to my specifications, and I would sell Christmas Merchandise.
My husband can attest to this- I am GOOD at Christmas. Before Paulius got here, for the past few years I would decorate several businesses and homes for the holidays. And it's rather good pay. But it takes lots of time.....something I haven't had a lot of lately to spare. Having disposable income would be a blessing in more than one way.

Secondly- I would buy some land - have it landscaped, and have a building built to my specs in the middle of the land. And then I would plan parties. When Paulius and I were looking for a place to get married, we noticed a HUGE deficiency in beautiful places to have a wedding. I have plans actually drawn up for this venture as well.

Of course, in order to WIN the lottery I suppose I have to find the time to stop and actually BUY a lottery ticket or two.



I started training for my job at the new site last Wednesday.
I go it on my own tonight.

It is absolutely Fantastic!

I only have to deal with other people for about an hour a day!!

No million phone calls every other officers to deal with and have to plan for- no angry people who have issues with badges not working no worrying that the officer before me has given me incorrect information, therefore spending my first hour of my shift going over every bit of paperwork to insure my information in correct.........

I think I am going to be so happy there.

1 parking lot to patrol for an hour every morning while it's dark
1 electrical room to check and sign off on
1 boiler room to check and sign off on
Three phone calls to make
Four buildings to patrol
8 mechanical rooms to check and sign off on
and 19 flights of steps to climb up and down (I see being in a size 12 by Christmas)

Who could ask for more than that?

I might be there until I retire.
(Or until we win the lottery)

Is this job as close to Job-Paradise as I am going to get? Or is it a wolf in sheeps clothing?


I Wanna Have A Party.

I wanna have a Party.....

I think I mentioned this a few posts back. Some people think that it's too soon after my Dads passing for me to do this, but anyone who knew Dad will know he would have loved it. Dad was always real big on family gatherings and togetherness.

(Bear with me- all my posts everafter are not going to have a mention of my Dad- but it seems alot of things remind me of him....)

I think about the end of October- maybe on Halloween(also my baby grandsons birthday)- we are going to have that party. Have a big bonfire, do up a big pot of BBQ ribs with some baked fries and sweet tea- And for the kids, we're gonna have candy instead of taking them trick-or-treating. Everyone can dress in a costume- or not......whichever suits their fancy.

My guess is it'll end up blue-jeans and sweaters.The weather is rapidly changing and getting cooler.

Which will be perfect.

Paulius deserves a break from the stress factor around here lately. And so do the rest of us. I think it will be fun.